Phase  Dining

what it means to you

We are dedicated to you having a great time in a safe, secure, and vivacious atmosphere.

What has Changed as of June 26th, 2020

  • Masks are required while waiting down stairs. 

  • Mask are not required while dining or at the bar, as long as you are practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING. Please be mindful of guests around you. 

  • Parties up to 10 people per table, as long as you live in the same household. 

What we are changing so you feel comfortable?

  • Reservations and waitlist. We have set up a temporary reservation system for your convenience. Reservations will be temporary during the limited seating phases of government requirements. 

  • Entry and Exit of The Stove; There is a one way in and one way out policy. The main stairwell going up to the doors are directed to enter, with markings for your convenience. Please respect others space, There is room for up to 20 groups, 6ft apart. There is an exit door on the east side of our restaurant. Hand- Sanitizers will be placed at the front and back door of the venue. Special needs, ADA and families with strollers are permitted to use the elevator (again please respect others and only use if necessary). If you are called for a reservation or from the waitlist, please follow the line in, do not pass anyone. Respect others space. 

  • Tables are 6ft apart and no more than 5 to a table. We do have a private room with 4 tables seating up to 5 per table, 6ft apart. Please inquire.

  • No group waiting in venue. We know we are the crazy, packed house brunch spot 7 days a week. So for your entertainment we will provide music downstairs and a pop up bar (time and temperature is a factor)

  • Bar area is closed for regular seating.

  • You will  be sat and given the choice of  disposable paper menu, or a site to pull our menu up online (we ask for the environment, use online if applicable for you). Also upon dining you will have the choice of non disposable or disposable cutlery and plating. The choice is up to you. 

  • Condiments to your table will be served in ramekins, or a sugar or salt packet. 

  • Water pitchers. In this time we will not offer community pitchers of water to your table. We have bottled water ( .20 ea) for the table. No community pitchers will be allowed. 

  • All tables will be sanitized and chairs/booths after each guest. Making sure we are using the best items we can find to help with sanitation. 

  • Restrooms. We will be spot checking periodically throughout the day. To ensure you have what you need, when you need it, we will have spray bottles of  sanitizer or Sani wipes in each stall of the restrooms. Hand sanitizer will be outside the restrooms.

  • Servers will be, nothing short of a scene from a movie, in masks and or face shields,  and gloves. Servers temperatures will be taken as well as all employees daily and logged. Cooks are held to the same standard. 

  • If you bring a face mask, we will provide a baggy for you to store your mask in while you are dining with us. 

  • Cash will be dropped in to a box for less handling, credit/debt is accepted. If you use a Credit/Debt, all pens will be used once then discarded in to a bucket. Those are then sanitized for use another day. 

  • Between each booth is a 6ft separation. But to ensure your comfort and safety we have installed plexiglass sheets to ensure your view and peace of mind. 

  • Upon leaving the facility, use the exit only door. If you are discarding any mask or gloves, please be responsible and use a trash receptacle. 

These are some of the procedures The Stove is doing to ensure you peace of mind when dining out. We will still have fun, but now we get to have space to DANCE! 

We are also understanding for our PEEPS and FAMBAM that want to stay home during this time of 

the unknown. Check our website for our curbside and delivery menu.  Possible POP UP 

drive thru coming in late may. 

Joins us, stay home, either way we want you to feel safe, secure and keep the good vibes rolling!

Don't make us SOCIAL DISTANCE you!

We offer curbside and delivery*



Eastern Ridge Plaza

11261 S. Eastern Avenue, #200

Henderson, NV 89052

(upstairs above the tavern)

Current Hours of Operations

Monday-Friday 8am to 3pm

Saturday-Sunday 8am to 4pm

Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas