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"Everyone is equal in the eyes of the stove."

                                                                                           Chef Jacque Pepin

Chefs have a fondness for the kitchen. It is a place of controlled chaos, creativity, growth, anger, passion, and family​. The Stove sets memories for both chefs and their idea for kitchen social. 


Antonio says, "The social aspect is what most people don't understand in the kitchen. It was standing over a stove with my grandma watching her make noodles and sauce. Watching her tasting, stirring, and making faces. I would sit and watch in awe. Standing with mom, that was an honor. The kids would have to grate cheese or cut vegetables. If you got to help her cook, that meant she trusted you." Antonio laughed! The restaurant aspect was totally different. Antonio replied, "The restaurant really was a love/hate. You worked right next someone that you spent more time with than your family at home. You would rely on each other, all the while cussing at each other all night. But in the end, we shrugged it off...like fighting with your siblings over a remote or the phone. In the end you still loved each other. We would buy beers after work and hang out. All of that is the meaning of The Stove, kitchen social. It is life, love, passion, and family!"


Scott's reaction was one in the same. "You have to respect and understand the stove, and the influence of relationships in the kitchen. My family spent hours on end in the kitchen. It is where my mom created and sat for hours cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you needed my mom, she would be in the kitchen. I spent so much time there. I learned and respected the time and effort she took to show us she cared for us by making amazing home cooked meals." Scott loves the idea of bringing people together.

Scott says, "Home and Restaurant are the same. You must understand the excitement being bent over a stove, all the smells, sounds, heat, fast pace, and comradery of it all. At home I know I am instilling family and the feeling of home, by cooking and being able to do what my mom and dad did for me. Work, it is building relationships on that line bent over that stove, with a sauté pan in hand. The sounds of cooks and chefs alike hearing, “YES, CHEF!” and knowing that dish we created is going to be the conversation of the table! Then taking what we have created there and talking to guests about it. This is now more than ever a social position. You cannot hide in the kitchen. You need to earn your guest’s trust! Let them know you have faith in your food.”

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