Welcome. This is the underground dinner.


We do not advertise, this is for select people only. If you found the hidden button then you were meant to feel the experience. 

We are building dinners to have fun, to enjoy conversation, human interactions, and see and feel what we do as Chefs. Think of this like dinner at your house! Feel free to walk around and ask, be a part of what we create.

The food can range from 5 courses to 10 courses. It might be a unique Mexican dinner intimating Pujol in Mexico City, or maybe a play on food inspired by Noma in Copenhagen. No one knows what we are going to do. It is just what inspires us for the night. There might be a guest chef, or winemaker. We don't know...but what we do know is that it is going to be memorable.

This is a unique experience that we wanted to bring to our local community.  

We are currently planning out the year's dinners. Don't forget to stop by to see if anything changes. 

Come Hang Out!

11261 S. Eastern Avenue, #200

Henderson, NV 89052

Take the Gold Elevator or the Stairs to see us!


Current Hours of Operations



Created by Chefs

Chef Antonio Nunez

Chef Scott Commings

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Photography By: Casey Jade, Daniel Clough Photography, Ash Rebosa